Here Are The Top 200 Unique Baby Girls Names And Baby Boys Names

Here Are The Top 200 Unique Baby Girls Names And Baby Boys Names

while there was a time when it seemed a little odd to use a last name as a first name or to take a more traditionally Boys name and use it for a girl, or Girls Name For A Boys Name  it's now common in today's life. So, if you do choose any of these types of names, your baby will surely have a unique name.


  1. Nora
  2. Lily
  3. Eleanor
  4. Hannah
  5. Lillian
  6. Addison
  7. Aubrey
  8. Ellie
  9. Stella
  10. Natalie
  11. Zoe
  12. Leah
  13. Hazel
  14. Violet
  15. Aurora
  16. Savannah
  17. Audrey
  18. Brooklyn
  19. Bella
  20. Claire
  21. Skylar
  22. Lucy
  23. Paisley
  24. Everly
  25. Anna
  26. Caroline
  27. Nova
  28. Genesis
  29. Emilia
  30. Kennedy
  31. Samantha
  32. Maya
  33. Willow
  34. Kinsley
  35. Naomi
  36. Aaliyah
  37. Elena
  38. Sarah
  39. Ariana
  40. Allison
  41. Gabriella
  42. Alice
  43. Madelyn
  44. Cora
  45. Ruby
  46. Eva
  47. Serenity
  48. Autumn
  49. Adeline
  50. Hailey
  51. Gianna
  52. Adalynn
  53. Liliana
  54. Aubree
  55. Jade
  56. Katherine
  57. Isabelle
  58. Natalia
  59. Raelynn
  60. Maria
  61. Athena
  62. Ximena
  63. Arya
  64. Leilani
  65. Taylor
  66. Faith
  67. Rose
  68. Kylie
  69. Alexandra
  70. Mary
  71. Margaret
  72. Lyla
  73. Ashley
  74. Amaya
  75. Eliza
  76. Brianna
  77. Bailey
  78. Andrea
  79. Khloe
  80. Jasmine
  81. Melody
  82. Iris
  83. Isabel
  84. Norah
  85. Annabelle
  86. Valeria
  87. Emerson
  88. Adalyn
  89. Ryleigh
  90. Eden
  91. Emersyn
  92. Anastasia
  93. Kayla
  94. Alyssa
  95. Juliana
  96. Paige
  97. Rebecca
  98. Ana
  99. Sawyer
  100. Mariah
  101. Nicole
  102. Brooklynn
  103. Payton
  104. Marley
  105. Fiona
  106. Georgia
  107. Lila
  108. Harley
  109. Adelyn
  110. Alivia
  111. Noelle
  112. Gemma
  113. Vanessa
  114. Journey
  115. Makayla
  116. Angelina
  117. Adaline
  118. Catalina
  119. Alayna
  120. Julianna
  121. Leila
  122. Lola
  123. Adriana
  124. June
  125. Juliet
  126. Jayla
  127. River
  128. Tessa
  129. Lia
  130. Dakota
  131. Delaney
  132. Selena
  133. Blakely
  134. Ada
  135. Camille
  136. Zara
  137. Malia
  138. Hope
  139. Samara
  140. Vera
  141. Mckenna
  142. Briella
  143. Izabella
  144. Hayden
  145. Raegan
  146. Michelle
  147. Angela
  148. Ruth
  149. Freya
  150. Kamila
  151. Vivienne
  152. Aspen
  153. Amanda
  154. Daniella
  155. Royalty
  156. Gwendolyn
  157. Ophelia
  158. Heaven
  159. Jordan
  160. Madeleine
  161. Esmeralda
  162. Kira
  163. Braelynn
  164. Dylan
  165. Ainsley
  166. Alison
  167. Camryn
  168. Avianna
  169. Bianca
  170. Skyler
  171. Scarlet
  172. Ashlyn
  173. Sasha
  174. Baylee
  175. Beatrice
  176. Itzel
  177. Priscilla
  178. Marie
  179. Jayda
  180. Liberty
  181. Rory
  182. Alessia
  183. Alaia
  184. Janelle
  185. Kalani
  186. Gloria
  187. Sloan
  188. Dorothy
  189. Greta
  190. Julie
  191. Zahra
  192. Savanna
  193. Annabella
  194. Poppy
  195. Amalia
  196. Zaylee
  197. Cecelia
  198. Coraline
  199. Kimber
  200. Emmie

Here Are Some Great Baby Rewards Programs for New Parents

Babies are little bundles of love, but all the stuff they require costs big bundles of money. They can also add up to some nice rewards for baby and mommy if you take advantage of loyalty programs offered by companies.

Many of these programs go beyond earning points; they also include coupons and member-exclusive discounts. Get in on the perks and sign up for these baby rewards programs to get a little extra with every purchase.


Pampers Rewards

If you prefer Pampers, you don't have to give up getting rewards, since these the maker of these baby products also offers a rewards program that new moms can take advantage of. (You have to buy diapers and you might as well get a reward for doing it.) Collect the codes off of Pampers diapers, wipes, and training pants. Enter them at Pampers Rewards to earn free diapers and wipes, photo products, movie tickets, restaurant gift cards, toys, magazine subscriptions, and baby gear. Pampers tells you how many points you can receive for products before you hit the store. Also, the larger the package, the more points you get.

How to Redeem Pampers Gifts to Grow Codes

Visit Pampers Rewards and browse the rewards catalog. The rewards that are available change from time to time so be sure to check regularly to see the new rewards.

Click Add to Cart for the reward you'd like to spend your points on. Click the check box to authorize the point deduction and click Continue to check out. You'll be asked to enter or verify your shipping address and contact information and then click Continue. Make sure that everything looks right and click Place my order to finish.

When to Expect Your Pampers Reward

After you've redeemed your Pampers Gifts to Grow codes for rewards, you'll receive your reward in 8-10 weeks.

Huggies Rewards

If Huggies is your diaper brand of choice, joining the company's rewards program can be quite useful. It's just not possible to skimp on the number of diapers, wipes and training pants you buy over the first couple of years of your baby's life. And that means you'll collect tons of the rewards codes found in packages of Huggies products. Cash them in on the Huggies website for free diapers, gift cards, toys, photos, magazine subscriptions, and lots of other goodies.

Types of Free Stuff Available From Huggies Rewards

You can use your Huggies rewards points to donate to charity, enter to win sweepstakes, or get free stuff from the Huggies rewards catalog.

The free stuff you can get with Huggies rewards points includes music downloads, coupons for free Huggies products, free photo books, gift certificates, coupons, and toys.

The Huggies Rewards App

Besides being able to upload a photo of your receipt through the app to earn your points, you can also get additional points and special offers with it.

When you're shopping, you can check in with the Huggies Rewards app and you'll get points added to your account just for checking in, no purchase necessary.

You can also have access to special coupons and offers all through the Huggies Rewards app. They'll become unlocked when you're at certain retailers or when you reach a certain point level.

You'll also be able to link certain reward cards within the app, making it where you don't have to submit receipts because they can be accessed from your shopper cards.

When to Expect Your Huggies Rewards

Some Huggies rewards will be sent through email immediately while others will be sent through the mail. Rewards that are mailed should arrive in 6-8 weeks.

Disney Movie Rewards

Disney is a favorite for many families so it only makes sense to get a few rewards for watching what you love. Through the Disney Movie Rewards program, you can earn points when buying Disney DVDs/Blu-rays, CDs, and movie tickets. When you have points built up, cash them in for free Disney movies, merchandise, movie tickets, and gift cards.

Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation is a popular brand of natural products that include cleaners, laundry detergents, and diapers. It also has a community program called Generation Good. Save the codes from Seventh Generation diapers and laundry products and trade them in for free coupons and rewards from Seventh Generation and other brands. Points can also be donated to charity. Members may also be eligible to try new products for free.



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